If you’re looking to elevate your art, Above Ground Art Supplies is your destination for specialized paint supplies for students and professional artists alike.

With so many painting mediums to explore, from watercolours to gouache, the right brushes and accessories make all the difference. We offer a range of styles and brands to suit your needs.

Explore our selection of paint brushes, sets, and accessories from the top brands in North America.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of paint brushes?

There are five types of paint brushes most commonly used by artists of all levels.

Round Brushes: Versatile for washes, broad strokes and lines, round brushes can be used for a wide range of painting techniques and cover large areas.

Liner Brushes: With small, elongated bristles, liner brushes are ideal for intricate detailing, fine lines, and precise work.

Fan Brushes: Fan brushes can be used to create unique textures and multiple lines. They’re perfect for adding special effects and interesting patterns.

Angled Brushes: Angled brushes ensure clean, precise lines and are ideal for edges and crisp detailing close to other objects.

Flat or Wash Brushes: These paint brushes are great for creating long lines and spreading colour quickly.

What paint brushes do Above Ground Art Supplies offer?

At Above Ground Art Supplies, we offer various types of paint brushes for all projects, including:

Gesso & Varnish Brushes: A gesso or varnish brush is a specialized brush designed to apply gesso or varnish to art surfaces.
Oil & Acrylic Brushes: Both oil and acrylic paint brushes serve their own purposes. Oil brushes are often stiffer and have natural bristles, which are ideal for handling thicker paints. Acrylic brushes, on the other hand, have synthetic bristles and are known for being springy and resilient.
Palette Knives: Palette knives are versatile tools, ideal for mixing colours, applying thick layers, and creating unique textured effects on canvas.
Palettes: Paint palettes provide a surface for mixing and blending colours and come in different shapes and sizes, making them a versatile choice for artists.
Specialty Brushes: Specialty paint brushes cater to specific artistic needs, such as fine detailing, texture creation, or unique effects.
Tools & Accessories: Explore our array of paint brush tools and accessories to enhance your painting experience, including brush holders, cleaning aids, palette knives, and more.
Watercolour Brushes: From the fine detail of a round brush to the sweeping washes of a flat brush, our watercolour brushes allow artists to express their creativity in their own way.

Should I use flat or angled paint brushes?

Deciding whether to use a flat or angled paint brush depends on technique and personal preference. Flat brushes are versatile and are ideal for covering large areas and creating straight edges. Angled brushes, on the other hand, are great for detail work, precise lines, and getting into tight corners.

Consider experimenting with both to determine which style gives you your preferred results.

What is the best paint brush to avoid brush marks?

If you’re looking to minimize brush marks, consider using a soft-bristled brush with synthetic fibres, like a nylon or polyester brush. These brushes tend to leave fewer visible marks compared to natural bristle brushes.

How to clean paint brushes

Cleaning your brushes is essential to preserve their longevity. Here’s how to clean yours:

  1. Immediately after use, rinse the brush under warm water to remove excess paint.
  2. Wash the brush with mild soap and warm water, gently rubbing the bristles to loosen any remaining paint.
  3. For stubborn paint, repeat the soap and water process until the brush is clean.
  4. Reshape the bristles with your fingers or a brush comb.
  5. Let the brush air dry completely before storing it vertically, bristles-down, to maintain its shape.

How to store paint brushes

The best way to store your brushes is to hang them vertically, bristle-side down, in a well-ventilated area. This prevents the bristles from bending or fraying and allows any residual paint to come off. You can also store them flat in a brush holder or case. Ensure the bristles are not squished or bent.

Avoid storing brushes in airtight containers or leaving them soaking in water. This can lead to mould and can damage the bristles.

How to fix frayed paint brushes

To fix frayed brushes, start by gently washing them with warm water and mild soap to remove any paint residue. Next, reshape the bristles by gently pressing them against your palm or using a brush comb.

For bristles that are showing more resistance, dip the brush in boiling water for a few seconds, reshape it, and let it dry completely.

How to soften paint brushes

To prevent your bristles from clumping and ensure a smooth finished product, it’s important to soften your brushes. Here’s how to soften your brushes:

  1. Soak well in warm, soapy water for approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Gently rub bristles until they lather.
  3. Rinse gently to remove most of the lather. Re-fill your bowl with fresh water and add a few tablespoons of white wine vinegar before putting your brushes back in.
  4. Ensure the brushes are fully submerged and leave for approximately 30 minutes.
  5. Comb through the bristles with a paint brush comb and remove any excess paint.
  6. Gently wipe your brush on a towel in gentle circular motions until you feel the bristles soften.
  7. Rinse thoroughly under warm water and allow to dry for a minimum of two hours.

What painting brush brands do Above Ground Art Supplies carry?

Above Ground Art Supplies offers a broad selection of brushes from the most reputable brands in North America, including:

  • Jack Richeson
  • Da Vinci
  • Escoda
  • Liquitex
  • Princeton
  • Da Vinci
  • Sakura Koi
  • Yasutomo
  • Winsor & Newton

What other art materials do Above Ground Art Supplies offer?

In addition to our selection of professional painting tools, we offer a range of quality art materials, including:

What sets Above Ground Art Supplies apart from other paint brush retailers?

At Above Ground Art Supplies, we know that when it comes to creating long-lasting art, the right supplies matter. That’s why we source the highest-quality paint brushes and art supplies. With two retail locations and a wide selection online, we’re an accessible solution for both students and professional artists across Southern Ontario. Find your specialty items and get access to a variety of art-based resources to help you take the next steps in your studies or career.

Where can I buy painting tools from Above Ground Art Supplies?

If you’re ready to start painting, Above Ground Art Supplies can help you find the best paint brush for your project. We have two retail locations in Toronto. Visit us downtown at 74 McCaul Street or in The Junction at 2868 Dundas St. W, or browse our selection of artist paint brushes and art materials online.