Above Ground Art Supplies specializes in delivering high-quality framing tools and accessories for a wide range of artistic projects. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, we have art supplies for you. Browse our varied selection, including art products from renowned brands worldwide, to help bring your vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are needed for framing?

There is a wide range of tools that can be used for picture framing, depending on the scale and scope of the artwork. Some of the essential tools and accessories commonly used are:

  • Frame: The actual frame moulding, available in various materials and finishes.
  • Mat Board: Acid-free mat board to create a border around the artwork.
  • Mat Cutter:Ensures picture mats are cut to their specific size to fit the desired artwork.
  • Backing Board: Acid-free board to provide support and protection for the artwork.
  • Glazing: Glass or acrylic to protect the artwork from dust and UV light.
  • Framing Tape: Acid-free tape for securing the artwork and mats.
  • Hanging Hardware:
    • D-Rings: For attaching the hanging wire to the frame.
    • Framing Wire: For hanging the frame.
    • Bumpers: Small rubber or felt pads for the bottom corners of the frame to protect the wall.
At Above Ground Art Supplies, we know each artistic project is unique. That’s why we carry a wide variety of tools to meet your unique framing needs.

How do I choose the right mat cutter for my framing projects?

The right mat cutter for your framing project depends on the type of art you’re creating and your experience level. For artists who occasionally frame artwork or are looking to prioritize convenience, a handheld mat cutter is a compact and lightweight solution that offers the basic functionalities needed to complete simple framing projects. Professional artists or those working on larger projects may benefit from a tabletop mat cutter. This style often has various features, including multiple cutting heads and additional blade options, ensuring professional cuts and high-end results. For artists looking for flexibility in their designs, circle mat cutters can help achieve the intricacy and decorative elements that may not be possible with straight-edge cutters.

What mounting adhesives are suitable for framing artwork?

Depending on the size and weight of the frames, several types of mounting adhesives may be suitable for framing artwork.

  • Mounting Strips: Designed to be efficient and easy to use, mounting strips offer a damage-free solution to hanging framed artwork. Adhesives are attached to the back of the frame and can be repositioned or removed without leaving holes or residue.
  • Double-Sided Mounting Film: This type of adhesive film provides a strong bond between the frame and the wall, ensuring your art stays securely in place. Cut and bind it to your preferred size for maximum convenience.
  • Spray Adhesives: If you want to secure your frames quickly and permanently, a spray adhesive can create a strong layer on the back of the frame or board and secure it in place without the need for hooks or nails.

Do you offer frames that are already cut?

Absolutely! We offer both pre-cut mats and ready-made frames to help you display your artwork with zero prep or design time required. Available in various sizes and textures, our pre-assembled solutions are here to save you time and help you achieve a professional look every time.

How do I store my framing tools?

To store your tools and accessories, we recommend investing in a durable and secure framing toolbox or storage box from Above Ground Art Supplies. Ensure each tool has its own designated spot to prevent damage and is easily accessible. For smaller tools and accessories, we offer utensil boxes, pencil pods, and brush boxes. Larger items can be stored in our stackable storage boxes or carrying cases. Browse our art supply storage collection today.

What framing tools do Above Ground Art Supplies offer?

At Above Ground Art Supplies, you can shop from our wide selection of tools for your framing projects, including:

  • Mat Cutters: Our versatile mat cutters are designed to give you the most professional-looking cuts for your custom framing projects every time.
  • Pre-Cut Mats: Our pre-cut mats come in a range of sizes and colours, perfect for highlighting your artwork and ensuring a clean, gallery-ready look.
  • Ready-Made Frames: Showcase your artwork and photographs without delay with our ready-made frames, available in a range of sizes and textures to suit any aesthetic.
  • Toolboxes: Our selection of durable, weather-resistant framing toolboxes and carrying cases keeps all your framing supplies in one compact space. Store your paints, markers, and essential photo materials conveniently and securely.
  • Tools & Accessories: Our essential framing accessories, including our selection of adhesive hangers, finishing nails, and point drivers, are designed to help you achieve the perfect framing job.


What framing tool brands do Above Ground Art Supplies carry?

We carry a wide selection of renowned framing tool brands, including:

  • Logan
  • Crescent
  • PA Framing
  • Snap Black
  • Triple Touch
  • ArtBin
  • Art Alternatives
  • ArtiTeq
  • Logan
Browse our complete selection of brands online at Above Ground Art Supplies.


What other art materials do Above Ground Art Supplies offer?

In addition to shopping our drawing tools online or in-store, Above Ground Art Supplies carries a range of professional art materials, including:

Visit us in-store at our Toronto locations or shop online today to view the complete collection.


What sets Above Ground Art Supplies apart from other framing tool suppliers?

At Above Ground Art Supplies, we believe in making art accessible to everyone. That’s why we dedicate our efforts to sourcing the highest-quality supplies and materials, including the best framing tools on the market. With our international shipping, finding the perfect items to bring your artwork to life has never been easier. Whether you’re shopping in-store at one of our Toronto locations or looking to have your supplies delivered to your front door, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Trust our team of artists to make your shopping experience seamless from start to finish.

Where can I find the best framing tools near me?

If you’re shopping for the best tools for your framing project, Above Ground Art Supplies has what you need to get started. With a range of specialized products and supplies from renowned brands across North America, we’re your one-stop shop for quality art supplies. Our experienced team can help you take your framing project to the next level. Shop in-store at one of our Toronto locations — 74 McCaul Street or 2868 Dundas St. W — or browse our collections online.