Above Ground Art Supplies in Toronto offers a selection of the best drawing tools for students and artists alike. Whether you’re creating a charcoal masterpiece or looking to add bold lines with vibrant ink, we have the right drawing tools and accessories to elevate your art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What art supplies do I need to start drawing?

Drawing is an accessible art medium that anyone can try. All you need are some simple tools and accessories to get started.

  • Pencils: Invest in a range of graphite pencils to give you versatility in shading and line weight.
  • Paper: A sketchbook or drawing padwith good-quality paper is a great starting point. Ensure the paper is thick enough to handle erasing and shading without tearing.
  • Eraser: Look for a soft vinyl or kneaded eraser for clean results.
  • Drawing Pens: Invest in a set of drawing pens with different tip sizes to add fine details to your drawings.
  • Pencil Case: A pencil case keeps your pencils and other accessories safe when not in use.


What type of equipment is used to draw?

Typical drawing accessories that are used in addition to the tools themselves are:

  • Drawing Boards: With drawing boards, you have a stable and ergonomic workspace for creating precise and detailed illustrations.
  • Sandpaper Pads: Sandpaper pads provide a textured surface for blending, shading, and erasing in drawing. They allow artists to achieve smooth gradients and remove mistakes with ease.
  • Eraser Shields: Artists use eraser shields to protect their surrounding areas while they’re erasing.
  • Extenders & Holders: Extenders and holders are designed to elongate short writing utensils and ensure artists don’t experience pain or fatigue when they’re in use.
  • Stomps & Tortillons: Stomps and tortillons are blending tools made of rolled paper used to smudge and soften pencil, charcoal, or pastel marks for subtle shading effects.

What is the difference between charcoal and graphite drawing supplies?

While both charcoal and graphite drawing supplies have a carbon base, their finishes are what set them apart. Charcoal offers a richer, matte black finish. Graphite, on the other hand, delivers a more reflective, metallic finish.

What drawing supplies does Above Ground Art Supplies offer?

Above Ground Art Supplies offers a unique and extensive list of drawing and art supplies, including:

  • Charcoal: Charcoal offers richness and versatility, which makes it ideal for expressive sketches or adding depth and texture to drawings.
  • Coloured Pencils: Coloured pencils are perfect for detailed drawings, layering and blending techniques, allowing artists to create intricate and lifelike art.
  • Dry Media Sets: Dry media sets provide a comprehensive selection of tools in one package. Perfect for both beginners and professionals.
  • Erasers & Sharpeners: Both erasers and drawing sharpeners ensure clean lines and accurate details, allowing artists to correct mistakes and maintain sharp pencils.
  • Graphite Pencils: Graphite pencils are versatile tools for sketching, shading, and detailing. They can be used in both fine art and illustrations.
  • Fixative & Varnish Sprays: Fixative and varnish sprays prevent smudging, fading and discoloration, and provide a more durable finish.
  • Ink: Thanks to its precision, drawing ink can be used in a variety of art mediums, from illustration to calligraphy and fine line work.
  • Paint Markers: With their vibrant colours, paint markers are ideal for bold lines, fills, and intricate details.
  • Pastels: Pastel drawing tools offer a range of vibrant colours with a soft, blendable texture. Artists often use pastels to create expressive drawings.
  • Pens & Markers: Pens and markers feature waterproof ink and a variety of tip sizes, allowing for better precise line work and bolder strokes.
  • How should I store my drawing supplies?

    Storing your art supplies and drawing tools is integral to their quality and longevity. First, consider separating items by type to prevent them from rolling around and damaging each other. Next, invest in a pencil case for your pencils and paint markers. This can also help keep them together and intact when you’re on the go. Avoid storing your supplies in areas with drastic temperature changes. Instead, keep them somewhere cool and regulated to avoid any melting or damage. Browse our collection of art storage supplies.

    What drawing supply brands do Above Ground Art Supplies carry?

    At Above Ground Art Supplies, we carry a selection of drawing tools online from reputable brands, including:

    • Conte à Paris
    • Faber-Castell
    • Derwent
    • General’s
    • Winsor & Newton
    • Staedtler
    • Krylon
    • Grumbacher
    • Prismacolor
    • Winsor & Newton
    • ArtGraf
    • Chroma
    • Speedball
    • Krink
    • Molotow
    • Cretacolor
    • Speedball
    • Hunt

    Shop our selection online today.

    What other art materials do Above Ground Art Supplies offer?

    In addition to shopping our drawing tools online or in-store, Above Ground Art Supplies carries a range of professional art materials, including:

    What sets Above Ground Art Supplies apart from other drawing supply stores?

    At Above Ground Art Supplies, we go above and beyond to curate a selection of those hard-to-find art supplies for your drawing projects. We offer an extensive collection of paints, markers, inks, and tools to help you bring your vision to life. With our range of products, you can customize your art to reflect who you are — whether you’re a student or an industry professional. Shop with us in-store or online today and experience the difference that quality drawing accessories and supplies make.

    Where can I buy drawing supplies from Above Ground Art Supplies?

    Above Ground Art Supplies is proud to be a leading supplier of professional drawing tools online and in-store. We source the highest-quality art supplies and accessories to suit any personal or professional project. Visit us in Toronto at 74 McCaul Street or 2868 Dundas St. W. Can’t make it in person? Shop our products online or contact us at 416.591.1601 to learn more.