GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic Paints


Golden Fluid Paints

The main difference between GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics and Heavy Body Acrylics is their viscosity or consistency. Formulating the Fluid Acrylics is a more difficult process, as there is a tendency for highly loaded paints at a low viscosity to thicken over time. They are produced with the same pigments at the same load as the Heavy Body paints, yielding similar tinting strength. However, many artists believe they are actually stronger than the Heavy Body colors due to their greater leveling.

Although the Fluid Acrylic line is less extensive than the GOLDEN Heavy Body line, it offers a broad range of pigment options. Missing are some of the heavier metal pigments which do not remain stable in the thinner Fluid consistency. They tend to settle to the bottom of the container, packing densely enough to prevent easy restirring.

Available in 4oz (118ml) and 16oz (473ml) bottles.

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