Kama Encaustic Paint


Kama Encaustic Paint

Kama Encaustic is a paint made using beeswax. In order to use the "hot" wax technique a hotplate or stove top is necessary to melt the waxed-based colours and keep them heated, so that they retain their fluidity. Kama Encaustic Paints are made using high quality pigments, without the addition of any fillers or adulterants. The inclusion of Dammar resin in the Kama formulation creates a film with greater transparency and hardness.

Kama does not use turpentine or any other solvents in the manufacturing of these colours, therefore no toxic vapours are emitted by the encaustic when it is melted. The high concentration of pigment in these encaustic blocks will enable you to achieve a high level of opacity if it is applied in its pure form. However, you may also render you colour more transparent by adding pure beeswax or other compatible mediums during the painting process.

Each 100ml block is 4.75" x 2.75" x 0.5"

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