Pottery Tools

Pottery Tools

Wire & Wood tools are used to remove clay and are suitable for light cutting and slicing; the wire is a durable piano wire.

Ribbon & Wood tools are used for light slicing and modelling.  They have a thin, flat ribbon-like end plus a hardwood modelling end.

Loop Tools are used to remove clay (Ribbon Loop Tools) and scratch decoration into an object (Wire Loop Tools).  Scratching enables the bare colour of the object to be revealed through a coat of glaze, paint or slip.

Lace Tools are used to apply slip-soaked lace to sculpture work and also for clean-up and sgraffito work.

Cut-Off Needles are used to remove the uneven top edge of wheel-thrown pottery

Fettling Knives are useful for trimming and carving clay and pottery.

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Jrc Pro Tool

Jrc Pro Tool