Screen Printing


Speedball Print Posse Acr Screen

Speedball Print Posse Acrylic Screen Printing Inks are professional-grade acrylic inks, with an unbeatable open time and vivid, rich colour. Developed with printing on a variety of surfaces - from paper to wood and primed surfaces - each limited-edition colour was personally chosen by and formulated for each Print Posse artist as a reflection of their preferred palette and working properties. The full, impressive line up of inks includes these colours: Bird Machine Black by Jay Ryan, Peckinpah Magenta by The Amazing Hancock Brothers, Psychedelic Mex-A-Billy Pink by Carlos Hernandez, Redwood by Florence Gidez, Tuffy Rosť by Lilí Tuffy and StickAPoo Joy Juice Screen printing additive formulated for artist Andy MacDougall - a special additive for printing on holographic foils!