R&F Pigment Sticks


R&F Pigment Sticks

Reap the benefits of high quality oil paints, while enjoying the freedom to draw directly on your surface without the distancing factor of a brush!

Handmade and richly pigmented, R&F Pigment Sticks are comparable in quality to the finest tubes of oil paint. They have a lipstick soft consistency that gives them the same fluidity, subtlety, and durability of traditional oil colours.

R&F Pigment Sticks are made in small batches, carefully milled and molded using the finest natural wax, linseed oil, and pigment. There are no driers, extenders or other additives that are commonly used in industrial production.

Extremely portable, Pigment Sticks can be layered or mixed with traditional fine oil paints and mediums. They dry to a durable film and can be used on any support proper for oil or encaustic painting. Small sticks are 38 ml (1.28oz), with approximately the same amount of pigment as a standard tube of oil paint, while large sticks are 188 ml (6.4oz).