1-Shot Paint Hardener 4007 - Pint

1-Shot Paint Hardener 4007 - Pint

Price: $87.99

Use for lettering, stripping or coating out various substrates where drying time needs to be accelerated in order to speed up production. Use whenever automotive clear coat is to be sprayed over 1 Shot Alkyd Based Paints.

Part Number: 4007-PT
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1 Shot Paint Hardener 4007
1 Pint sz. Spray Can

1Shot Paint Enamel Hardener is designed to accelerate drying time for all 1 Shot Alkyd based paints including: Lettering Enamels, Bulletin Colours, Gloss Enamels, and Pearlescent Enamels. It will improve adhesion to most substrates as well as extend color life and increase gloss. Also will aid in preventing lifting when an automotive clear coat is to be applied over the paint.

Part No./SKU 4007-PT
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Price $87.99
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