Charbonnel Water Washable Printing Ink  Black 55985  60ml

Charbonnel Water Washable Printing Ink Black 55985 60ml

Price: $21.99

Water Washable Printing Ink Black 55985 is a cold and deep black. This etching ink is used to strengthen and increase the intensity of other black Water Washable Printing Inks.

This is our most viscous ink, making it hard to wipe when undiluted.

Volume: 60ml tube

Part Number: 301512
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Water Washable Printing Inks soften quickly when blended. When fluid they are easily spread across the grooves of a plate and are very easy to wipe.

Water Washable Printing Inks can be used in all intaglio printing techniques including engraving, dry-point, mezzotint, etching and aquatint. They can also be used with monotype and relief printing techniques such as linocut and wood prints.

Features of Water Washable Printing Ink

Water-washable oil-based emulsion (contains no water)
Hands and materials can be washed with soap and water
High pigment concentration (comparable to standard inks)
Extremely lightfast
All the colours are mixable
Viscous and easy to wipe
Can be used with paper that is less damp than required for standard etching ink
Same drying times as standard inks
Will not soften when dry

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Price $21.99
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