Chartpak AD Marker P0 Blender

Chartpak AD Marker P0 Blender

Price: $5.49

Chartpak Ad Markers give you all the brilliant colour lines you need through a single tip.  Create fine, medium, or broad weight strokes with the cleverly designed nib. Markers are solvent-based, waterproof, and permanent.  Ideal for drawing, design, or illustration.

Part Number: P-O 7125
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The blender can be used to create gradients and to bend colors together. The blender will also create highlights and lighten other xylene based colors. The blender can also transfer images printed from laser printers or photo copiers onto paper, board, wood, fabric, and more. Use with graphite, charcoal, pastel, and water-soluble colored pencils to create watercolor effects.

Part No./SKU P-O 7125
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Price $5.49
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