Chromatemp Liquid Tempera Paint 16oz Violet

Chromatemp Liquid Tempera Paint 16oz Violet

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Non-toxic. Ready to use. Bright fun colours. Easy clean up!

Chromatemp Tempera is specially formulated to rinse easily from hands and most surfaces. Apply using fingers, a brush, or a sponge. Cover clothes and surfaces prior to painting.

Clean up:
Chromatemp rinses from skin, tools, and most machine washable clothes using warm water and hand soap. Ideally rinse paint from fabric before it dries. Dried paint should be treated with pre-washing products, but rinse in warm water and hand soap before laundering. If faint colour persists, soak in soapy water and relaunder. Never place clothes in a dryer until all residue is eliminated.

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Chromatemp Artistsí Tempera Paint
16oz (500ml) Bottle

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