Cretacolor Aquastic Oil Pastels - Tin Set of 20

Cretacolor Aquastic Oil Pastels - Tin Set of 20

Price: $69.99

Cretacolor Aquarelle Oil Pastels are highly pigmented, pure gloss colours with exceptional water solubility. Due to their softness, they are especially suitable for numerous drawing techniques including drawing, watercolour, encaustic, blending, mixed media, sgrafitto, bleaching, rubbing, and monoprint. Use them on various surfaces including paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, masonite, glass, plastic, leather, and more. They're exceptionally lightfast and blend beautifully.

Contains 20 Aqua Stics in a tin case.

Part Number: 45020
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Brevillierís Cretacolor
Aquarelle Oil Pastels Aqua Stic
Set of 20

Part No./SKU 45020
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Price $69.99
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