Excel Woodworking Craftsman Knife Set

Excel Woodworking Craftsman Knife Set

Price: $52.49

Perfect gift idea for hobbyists, artists, designers, or those with interest in arts and crafts applications – wood carving, scrap booking, model kits, and more!

Part Number: EX44383
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Excel Blades’ Craftsmen Set is a one of kind necessity to artists in all levels.
This collection is encased within a simple yet stunning wooden case ( with a clasp lock) that truly protects your tools for years to come.
The Hobby Knife Set includes knife handles that house a 4 jaw aluminum chuck for more secure blade positioning and hold than your standard light duty knife; with a snug fitting, twist lock shatter resistant safety cap to protect blade during storage.

3 Knives -
K1 Aluminum Craft Knife
K2 Aluminum Hobby Knife
K6 Heavy Duty
13 Blades

Part No./SKU EX44383
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Price $52.49
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