Excel Woodworking Pro Set

Excel Woodworking Pro Set

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Part Number: EX44390
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This set is used by hobbyists, artists, designers, foam smiths, leather workers, paper illustrators, miniaturists & model makers, scrapbook artists, crafters and creators.

Set used for:
-Carving wood, clay, polymer clay, foam
-Cutting paper, foamboard, foam, leather, cardboard, and more

Set includes:
-1x K1 Excel Blades Aluminum Knife Handle with 4 jaw aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning
-1x K2 Excel Blades Medium Duty Aluminum Knife 4 jaw aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning
-1x K7 Excel Blades Carving Knife with ergonomic & roll resistant handle
-2x #11 Double Honed Blade our best seller!
-2x #24 Deburring Blade
-1x #2 Straight Edge Blade
-1x #10 Curved Edge Blade
-1x #17 Small Chisel Blade
-1x #18 Large Chisel Blade
-1x #19 Sharp Edge Blade
-1x #20101 Straight Edge Blade
-1x #20104 Concave Edge Blade
-1x #20310 Small Chisel Gouge
-1x #20350 Large U Chisel Gouge

Part No./SKU EX44390
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Price $57.99
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