Gamblin Artist Oil 8oz Flake White Replacement

Gamblin Artist Oil 8oz Flake White Replacement

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Gamblin Artists? Oils are based on alkali refined linseed oil as a binder. It yellows significantly less than cold pressed linseed oil; the traditional binder in oil paints, and makes a strong, flexible paint film.

Robert Gamblin has sought out the finest grades of pigment available (yes, there are differences). He has constructed a paint of exceptional durability in a colour palette that is proof of his devotion to painters? real concerns. All colours are mixed and packed by a dedicated crew of 20 employees in their factory in Southeast Portland.

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The first true nontoxic alternative to Flake White. Itís the leanest of the Gamblin whites and a terrific underpainting white. Its beautiful opalescent quality is of special interest to portrait painters. Flake White Replacement has all the working properties of traditional Flake White: long ropey stroke, warm color, translucency and short brush mark. Not only does our FWR come without the lead but it also doesnít suffer from the fast drying time of traditional formulations, which contributes to the cracking of oil paintings over time.

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