Generalís Layout Graphite Sticks Set of 2

Generalís Layout Graphite Sticks Set of 2

Price: $3.89

Generalís Compressed Layout Sticks are extra soft, ebony black, versatile sketching tools for artists of all levels. The Layout formula has been used by animators, illustrators, cartoonists, designers, and artists since the 1930s. Use it to draw preliminary sketches, to ďlayoutĒ drawings before painting over them, or to add intense blacks and shading to detailed drawings.

Layout sticks can be sanded or sharpened to a fine point for detailed work. Drawing may be blended with a soft point, such as a paper blending stomp, tortillon, or chamois. Erase with a white vinyl or kneaded eraser.

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Layout Compressed Graphite Sticks
Set of 2

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