Golden Black Gesso 16oz

Golden Black Gesso 16oz

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Golden Black Gesso - Opaque Acrylic Primer
16oz (473ml) Jar

An all acrylic ground for preparing supports for painting. Protects the support while offering an excellent surface for adhesion of acrylic and oil paints. Remains flexible when dry.

Golden Gessos & Grounds are products with 100% Acrylic Polymer Dispersion. Ready to use. Yields a sandable film. Offers tooth for adhesion of subsequent paint layers. Dried film has excellent flexibility, water and UV resistance. Minimum film formation temperature is 49°F / 9°C.

To prepare a support for oil painting, apply a minimum of 3 coats of Golden Gesso to avoid oil penetration. Allow gesso to dry thoroughly. Thin with up to 25% water. Additional thinning should be done with an acrylic medium. Best adhesion on clean, non-oily surfaces. Clean with soap and water.

Part No./SKU 0003560-6
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Price $38.99
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