Golden Polymer Medium Gloss 32oz

Golden Polymer Medium Gloss 32oz

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Useful for creating glazes, enhancing gloss, lowering viscosity and increasing flow and leveling of all Golden Acrylic Colours.

Golden Mediums are produced with 100% Acrylic Polymer Dispersion. Increases film strength. Dries translucent with good clarity. Dried film has excellent flexibility, water and UV resistance. Minimum film formation temperature is 49°F / 9°C.

Blends well with other Golden Gels, Mediums, or Colours. To modify consistency, use Golden Acrylic Mediums or water. For slower drying, use Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid or Retarder. Best adhesion on clean, non-oily surfaces. Abrade smooth surfaces for increased adhesion. Not for use as a final picture varnish. Always test for your application. Clean with soap and water.

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Golden Medium
Polymer Medium Gloss
32oz (946ml) Jar

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