Kama Izosol Solvent 4L

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Kama Izosol Solvent 4L

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Kama Izosol is a refined mineral spirit made from purified petroleum extracts that can be used for cleaning or as a general purpose solvent for commercial and artist’s oil paints. Izosol is made from the cleanest type of mineral spirits available; the multiple refining eliminates almost all aromatic compound and/or chlorinated hydrocarbons: the toxic part of this type of solvent. The result is an aromatic compounds content under 0.01% compared to as much as 25% for other “odourless” mineral spirits which makes Izosol a safer solvent alternative.

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Kama Pigments
Izosol Non Toxic Mineral Spirits
4L (135.3oz) Bottle

Part No./SKU SO-MI0020-E
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Price $55.49
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