Kikkerland Clip Light

Kikkerland Clip Light

Price: $17.99

Portable, Convenient, Rechargeable
250mAh battery
Ergonomic and Eco-Friendly
LED safety light with 6 modes
Splash resistant (IPX4 water resistant)
Designer: Kikkerland Design Team (KDT)
Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 2,5 cm

Part Number: FL62
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Ever had that hike where you wish you had the ultimate light? This "Rechargeable Safety Light" has 4 LED lights and provides 15 hours of working light. It's easy rechargeable with the micro UBS. Simply plug it in to recharge when not in use. LED bulb produces 25 Lumens of light visible up to 500 meters. This light is perfect to clip on clothing or your bags & backpacks.

Part No./SKU FL62
U/M / EA
Price $17.99
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