Kroma Crackle 500ml Jar

Kroma Crackle 500ml Jar

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Use Kroma Crackle to create unique crackling effects with thousands of possibilities. Suitable for use on both rigid and flexible surfaces such as wood, cloth, canvas, and paper. When used as directed, the finished surface will be both durable and highly flexible.

1. Paint surface with acrylic colour. Allow to dry. This colour will show between cracks.
2. Apply a layer of crackle using a palette knife. Allow to dry completely.
3. Brush a layer of clear acrylic fluid medium to seal surface.

Kroma Crackle can be mixed with small amounts of acrylic paint to create coloured crackling patterns. If used on its own, Kroma Crackle will dry white creating a textured surface for dry brush painting.

Control the crackle effect by directing the flow of the crackle and varying the thickness of the layer. May take1-3 days to dry depending on the surface and thickness of the application. Kroma Crackle is a versatile, professional quality material suitable for fine art applications.

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Kroma Crackle
500ml (16.9oz) Jar

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