Lineco Linen Hinging Tape, 1½x400 White, S/Adh

Lineco Linen Hinging Tape, 1x400 White, S/Adh

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Lineco Linen Hinging Tape, Self-adhesive, 1½x400 White

Approx 1 ½ x 400 / 38.1mm x 11.1yds
Use for hinging window mat to mounting mat. Also used for hinging less expensive art, such as posters, repairing books and artifacts and reinforcing folders and envelopes. Tape is made from strong, acid-free, high thread count cotton.  Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is permanent, non-yellowing and stable over time.

Part No./SKU L533-1015
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Price $26.99
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