Liquitex Freestyle Synthetic Giant Brush 5.5"

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Liquitex Freestyle Synthetic Giant Brush 5.5"

Price: $64.99

Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Brushes meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists working in grandiose scales. Large, comfortable non-slip matte finished handles crafted from the highest quality wood have been paired with top-of-the-line synthetic bristle heads; resulting in artist quality brushes that offer excellent durability in large scaled applications that require rugged tools. Features a stainless steel rest-free ferrule.

Ideal for covering a large area quickly, this giant brush holds a ton of paint making it ideal for large scale applications. Its handle can be unscrewed to attach to a broom handle to get to hard to reach areas. A metal hook on its shoulder allows this brush to be attached to the side of paint can or water bucket.

Part Number: 1300900
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Liquitex Freestyle Synthetic Bristle
Short Handle Brush
Giant 5.5"

Part No./SKU 1300900
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Price $64.99
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