Logan 750-1 Simplex Elite Professional Mat Cutter - 40 in.

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Logan 750-1 Simplex Elite Professional Mat Cutter - 40 in.

Price: $1,013.89

Uses 270 Replacement Blades.

Part Number: 750-1
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The Simplex Elite is a multi‑material sizing tool, trimmer, and mat cutter all in one. It is a complete artist's studio tool for sizing mat board and foam board, cutting glass and acrylic plexi, and trimming paper and photographs, making it a multi‑material sizing tool with lots of uses for many different substrate types used in framing, photography, and general craft use.

This tool features a hinging guide rail with production stops, parallel mat guide in aluminum channels, and 32" (81cm) squaring arm with stop. Cutting heads and accessories include bevel and straight cutting heads, 8 ply bevel cutter, glass cutter, acrylic plexi cutter, paper trimmer, and Logan's Complete Guide to Home Picture Framing book.

The Simplex Elite is an ideal machine for serious artists needing a full featured mat cutter that has the capability of downsizing many other types of materials along with mat board and foam board. A 60" (Logan 760‑1) version is also available.

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Price $1,013.89
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