Mabef 360° Revolving Painting Accessory

Mabef 360 Revolving Painting Accessory

Price: $285.79

This accessory attaches to an easel to give  a 360° painting capability. Constructed from oiled stain-resistant beechwood, this unique accessory attaches to the canvas mast of the easel, and can hold a canvas that measures up to 52.8" tall and 22 lbs. in weight. It allows artists to rotate their painting into any vertical position desired, opening up many new painting possibilities. A special clamp attachment is included to give additional stability to the canvas mast on lyre-style easels. Makes a great gift for the artist that has everything!

Part Number: MBMA-40
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Mabef Revolving Painting Accessory
360° Easel Attachment

Part No./SKU MBMA-40
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Price $285.79
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