Masquepen Masking Fluid with 0.8mm Nib

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Masquepen Masking Fluid with 0.8mm Nib

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Unique non-clogging, air-tight cap / wire system keeps a steady flow for endless lines.

The Masquepen is an applicator of a translucent masking fluid with a nylon 0.8mm nib. Applies easily to most nonporous surfaces such as paper, glass, plastic, ceramic, finished wood, leather, even eggs! Perfect for effects with watercolour, paint, rubber stamps, scrapbooking, glass etching (acid resistant), airbrush, card making, paper crafts, metal, jewelry, models, and much more.

Use like a pen to create your design, wait until dry, then apply your paint or other media over top. Remove the mask by rubbing gently with finger. Does not stain.

Do not use on fabric!

Part Number: 1111-M
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Masquepen Masking Fluid
0.8mm Nib
30ml (1oz) Bottle

Part No./SKU 1111-M
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Price $19.99
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