Octopus Write & Draw Ink - Black Elephant - 50ml

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Octopus Write & Draw Ink - Black Elephant - 50ml

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Octopus Write & Draw drawing ink, waterproof ink for fountain pens, pens and brushes, vegan

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The Octopus Write & Draw inks are smudge-proof and waterproof writing and drawing inks that were developed for daily use in fountain pens, and by Graphic designers, illustrators, calligraphers and artists also love to use them with calligraphy pens, glass pens or brushes for writing, sketching, drawing and colouring.

The Octopus Write & Draw ink is ideal for colouring both pure and diluted with water. Used undiluted, the waterproof ink impresses with its opacity. The many colours of the Octopus drawing ink can be mixed with each other, but also with water. In this way countless colour shades can be achieved for beautiful watercolour effects .

In contrast to most other waterproof inks, the Octopus Write & Draw can be used in fountain pens without hesitation. However, care should be taken not to let the filler dry out. The water resistance of the Write & Draw Inks is created with the help of a cross-linking binder, which cannot be easily removed once it has dried. We therefore recommend that you rinse and clean your writing instrument carefully after use to prevent the ink from drying out accidentally.

Part No./SKU BK025347
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