Rheotech Acrylic - Red Oxide Tint - 1L

Rheotech Acrylic - Red Oxide Tint - 1L

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Rheotech acrylic colours are formulated to provide a variety of diverse effects ranging from thin washes to heavy impasto. Rheotech acrylic colours maintain a consistent viscosity and finish throughout the line. The creamy, smooth flow of the paint will sustain knife and brush marks, while continuing to maintain a uniform paint film and rich colour in a thinned state.

The flexible, waterfast nature of Rheotech Acrylics allows for versatility in application on a variety of surfaces, e.g. paper, wood, clay, plaster, etc.

Application to oily or greasy surfaces is not recommended as this will compromise adhesion and paint film integrity. Rheotech Acrylics are non-toxic and virtually scent free making them the ideal choice for both the studio and classroom.

Part No./SKU RH2277
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Price $34.49
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