Talens | Pantone Marker Ink 30 ml - 104

Talens | Pantone Marker Ink 30 ml - 104

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Sketch, draw and design in Pantone colours with Talens | Pantone marker inks! These ultra-fluid colours are made with pigmented, water-based ink and are based on the Pantone Matching Systemô. Meticulously formulated, adjusted and tested by Talens, co-designed and approved by Pantone.

Bring your ideas to life and discover the possibilities! These marker inks can not only be used to refill your Talens | Pantone markers, but they are great on their own as well. Thanks to the stable bottle with wide opening, youíre free to work straight from the bottle. Try it with a paint brush, dip pen, calligraphy pen or even an airbrush. The cap of the bottle is fitted with a dropper for easy mixing and dosing or applying the ink directly to your work. This dropper also helps you refill your Talens | Pantone markers. Quick and easy.

Part No./SKU 102501040
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Price $13.99
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