u.go Plein Air Anywhere Pochade Box - Medium

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u.go Plein Air Anywhere Pochade Box - Medium

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u.go Plein Air Anywhere Pochade Box was designed for travel from sea to summit and anywhere in between.

Size/Weight:  Measuring 8.4"x11.25"x1.25", it is ultra lightweight at 2.1 lbs, with palette included.

Materials:  The product is made using Baltic Birch wood, while stainless steel and aluminum accents provide strength where needed most.  All hardware is non-corrosive.

Wood Finish:  The Baltic Birch is hand sanded, and finished with New Wave® proprietary wood finish for maximum durability.  The finish is non-porous, dense, and resistant to water as well as standard artist solvents and mediums.  In addition, the finish is crack proof, chip proof, and non-yellowing.

Magnetic Components:  Strong rare earth magnets are used for the closure, panel/canvas holder,  removable side wall for palette cleaning/replacement, and accessory side tray attachment.

Friction Hinges: Sturdy 180° range of motion to position the pochade box as vertical or horizontal as you would like. Horizontal set up is perfect for watercolor painting.

Tripod Mount:  Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes are compatible with universal 1/4" tripod mounts.

Palette:  A high density plastic palette is included.  Oil paints can be removed with solvents, and dry acrylic paint peels off.

Paint Storage:  Paint dabs can be stored on the palette when the lid is closed due to a recessed palette and recessed lid.

Recessed Storage Compartment: Located at the rear of the palette measuring approximately 6.19"x1.12" and 0.88" in depth with a closed lid.  Can be used to hold paint brushes, paint tubes, wet paint dabs, etc.

Product Storage: Smooth exterior free of protruding wood or metal components allows for quick and easy storage in any pack.

Surfaces: Maximum Recommended Painting Surface is 10" Vertical.  Teeth on the stainless steel panel holders are capable of holding panels as thin as 1/16" and stretched canvas up to 3/4" thick. Product is ideal for 1/8" panels ensuring an ultralight setup.

Accessories:  Side trays and additional items sold separately.

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