Above Ground Art Supplies - Year of Rembrandt 120th Anniversary Commemorative Wood Box Set


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Year of Rembrandt 120th Anniversary Commemorative Wood Box Set

Exactly 350 years ago, the great master of the Golden Age of art passed away. He left behind his world-renowned masterpiece , the Night Watch as well as countless other awe-inspiring works. 120 years ago, the Rembrandt artists' paint brand was born, introducing to the world it's perfectly developed formula, and unparalleled quality. Based on the absolute best raw materials the world has to offer, the Rembrandt products are known for their maximum fineness, lightfastness and durability.

This year, the year of Rembrandt, Royal Talens celebrates the memory of one of the greatest painters in history, and the legacy he left behind, by releasing only 120 limited edition artists' boxes. This gorgeous wooden box with a gold plated Logo contains 120 oil colours as well as 10 artist' quality paintbrushes, odourless white mineral spirits, Picture varnish, retouching varnish, glazing medium, 3 palette knives, a round wooden palette, double palette cup, charcoal thin sticks and a certificate of authenticity. All of this comes in a wooden carrying case to ensure the set remains undamaged and beautiful throughout the years. The Rembrandt Deluxe 120th Anniversary Wood Box Set is truly a sight to behold, and an incredible collectors piece that will stand the test of time.

Above Ground Art Supplies is honoured to have access to one of only 120 Anniversary sets distributed across the globe, and to be the only retailer in Ontario, Canada to carry this item.

$3,399.99/ EA
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Set Includes: Titanium White(40ml), Ultramarine Deep purple(40ml), Yellow Ochre(40ml), Kings Blue(40ml), Cadmium Yellow Medium(40ml),Naples Yellow Light(40ml), Yellow Ochre Light(40ml), Viridian(40ml), Sap Green(40ml), Prussian Blue(40ml), Cadmium Red Medium(40ml), Cadmium Yellow Light(40ml), Sevres Blue(40ml), CAdmium Yellow Lemon(40ml), Permanent Yellowish Green(40ml), Ultramarine Violet(40ml), Olive Green(40ml), Cobalt Blue Light(40ml), Quinarose(40ml), Cadmium Orange(40ml), Carmine(40ml), Cadmium Yellow Deep(40ml), Cadmium Red Light(40ml), Cobalt Violet(40ml), Cadmium Red Deep(40ml), Permanent Blue Violet(40ml), Permanent Green Light(40ml), Permanent Red Violet(40ml), Permanent Violet Medium(40ml), Burnt Umber(15ml), Titanium White (15ml) x2, Ivory Black(15ml),Burnt Sienna(15ml), Transparent oxide Red(15ml),Raw Umber(15ml), Naples Yellow Red(15ml), Paynes Grey(15ml), Lamp Black(15ml), Vandyke Brown(15ml), Raw Sienna(15ml), Ultramarine Light(15ml), Permanent Lemon Yellow(15ml), Sepia(15ml), Indigo(15ml), Naples Yellow deep(15ml), Cerulean Blue(15ml), Cinnabar Green(15ml), Titanium White(15ml), Light Gold(15ml),Transparent White(15ml), Turquoise Blue(15ml), Zinc White(15ml), Warm Grey(15ml), Cobalt Blue Ultramarine(15ml), Asphaltum(15ml), Transparent Oxide Brown(15ml), Cold Grey(15ml), Deep Gold(15ml), Green Earth(15ml), Transparent Oxide Yellow(15ml), Permanent Red Deep(15ml), Greenish Umber(15ml), Silver(15ml), Permanent yellow medium(15ml), Mixed White(15ml), Permanent Madder Deep(15ml), Nickle Titanium Yellow Light(15ml), Gold Ochre(15ml), Cobalt Blue Deep(15ml), Naples Yellow Green(15ml), Permanent Red Medium(15ml), Grain Yellow(15ml), Permanent Orange(15ml), Emerald Green(15ml), Light Oxide Red(15ml), Scarlet(15ml), Permanent Yellow Light(15ml), Maanganese Blue(15ml), Oxide Black(15ml), Pearl White(15ml), Permanent Yellow Deep(15ml), Burnt Carmine(15ml), Transparent Yellow Green(15ml), Stil de Grain Brown(15ml), Transparent Oxide Orange(15ml), Chrome Oxide Green(15ml), Cinnabar Green Medium(15ml), Phthalo Blue Greenish(15ml), Zinc White(15ml), Orange Ochre(15ml), Transparent Yellow Medium(15ml), Brown Ochre(15ml), Transparent REd Medium(15ml), Phthalo Green Blue(15ml) Permanent Green Medium(15ml), Venetian Red(15ml), Caput Mortem Violet(15ml), Phthalo Turquoise Blue(15ml), Permanent Madder Light(15ml), Permanent Madder Medium(15ml), Cinnabar Green(15ml), Nick Titan Yellow Deep(15ml), Permanent Red Light(15ml), Ultramarine Green(15ml), Phthalo Blue Reddish(15ml), Aureoline(15ml) Pewter(15ml), Cadmium Red Purple(15ml),Copper(15ml), Bronze(15ml) Indanthrene Blue(15ml), INdian Red(15ml), Permanent Madder Brownish(15ml), Cobalt Turquoise Blue(15ml), Permanent Green Deep(15ml), Permanent Red Purple(15ml), Sevres Green(15ml), Phthalo Green Yellow(15ml), Cobalt Green(15ml), Cobalt Turquoise Green(15ml), Paint Medium Normal (75ml)x2, Odourless White Mineral Spirits(75ml)x2, Picture Varnish Glossy(75ml)x2, Picture Varnish Matte(75ml)x2, Retouching Varnish(75ml)x2, Glazing medium(75ml)x2, Round Wooden Palette, Double Palette Cup x2, Charcoal Thin 3 Sticks x2, ROC/RAC BRUSH 200/8 FSC, ROC/RAC BRUSH 200/12 FSC,ROC/RAC BRUSH 200/16 FSC, ROC/RAC BRUSH 208/6 FSC,ROC/RAC BRUSH 208/10 FSC,ROC/RAC BRUSH 208/14 FSC,ROC/RAC BRUSH 240/6 FSC,ROC/RAC BRUSH 240/10 FSC ,ROC/RAC BRUSH 291/4 FSC,ROC/RAC BRUSH 291/8 FSC,PAINTING KNIFE NR.3010,PAINTING KNIFE NR.3012,PAINTING KNIFE NR.3015